5 Top Glass Companies in Jersey City, NJ

  1. The Glass Gallery – The Glass Gallery is a glass studio and gallery located in the heart of downtown Jersey City. They offer a variety of classes and workshops for all skill levels, as well as a gallery showcasing works by local glass artists.
  2. Art House Productions – While not solely focused on glass, Art House Productions is a multidisciplinary arts organization in Jersey City that often features glass artists in their exhibitions and events. They also have a studio space for artists-in-residence.
  3. Denny Wong Designs – Denny Wong Designs is a jewelry studio that specializes in glass-blown pendants and other jewelry pieces. Their works feature colorful glass creations that are intricate and unique.
  4. Glassroots – Glassroots is a non-profit organization that provides classes and studio space for glass artists in Jersey City. They have a variety of glassblowing and flameworking equipment available for use, as well as a gallery space to showcase the works of local artists.
  5. Studio 3E – Studio 3E is a collective of artists and makers in Jersey City, which includes several glass artists. They offer classes and workshops in a variety of mediums, including glass, and often hold exhibitions of their members’ works.

Overall, Jersey City has a vibrant arts community, and there are many opportunities for glass artists to create, showcase, and sell their works.

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