Art House Productions

Art House Productions is a nonprofit arts organization based in Jersey City, New Jersey, that aims to promote the arts and provide a platform for emerging artists. Founded in 2001 by Christine Goodman, Art House Productions operates a theater and gallery space, offering a diverse range of programming including theater performances, art exhibitions, and community events.

The organization’s theater, located at 262 17th Street, is a 99-seat black box theater that hosts a variety of performances, including plays, musicals, improv comedy, and solo shows. The theater also offers a space for readings, workshops, and other events related to the performing arts.

Art House Productions also operates an art gallery space, located at 300 Coles Street, which features rotating exhibitions of contemporary art from local and national artists. The gallery is open to the public, with free admission, and offers a variety of programming such as artist talks, workshops, and other events related to the visual arts.

In addition to its theater and gallery spaces, Art House Productions offers a variety of community programs and events, including the JC Fridays arts festival, which takes place four times a year and showcases local artists and performers in various venues throughout Jersey City. Art House Productions also hosts the annual Jersey City Comedy Festival, which features a lineup of local and national comedians.

Art House Productions is dedicated to supporting emerging artists and providing them with opportunities to showcase their work. The organization offers various programs, including the INKubator new play development program, which provides resources and support to emerging playwrights, and the Jersey City Dance Festival, which showcases local and regional dance companies.

Overall, Art House Productions is an important cultural institution in Jersey City, offering a diverse range of programming and opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their work.

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