Burnt Glassworks

Burnt Glassworks is a glassblowing studio located in Jacksonville, Florida. The studio is run by a husband and wife team, Matthew and Carrie Corbin. They create handmade glass art pieces, ranging from functional glassware to decorative sculptures.

Matthew and Carrie both have a background in the arts, and discovered their passion for glassblowing while living in New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed their home and studio, they relocated to Jacksonville and started Burnt Glassworks.

The studio offers classes for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced glassblowers. Classes cover a variety of techniques, including glassblowing, flame-working, and fusing. In addition to classes, Burnt Glassworks also hosts events, such as live demonstrations and private parties.

One of the unique features of Burnt Glassworks is their use of recycled materials in their artwork. They gather broken glass from local restaurants and bars, and incorporate it into their pieces. This not only reduces waste, but also gives their artwork a distinctive character.

Burnt Glassworks has been featured in various media outlets, including Jacksonville Magazine and the Florida Times-Union. Their work can also be found in galleries and shops throughout the Jacksonville area.

Whether you’re interested in learning the art of glassblowing or just want to admire some beautiful handmade glass pieces, Burnt Glassworks is definitely worth a visit. With its welcoming atmosphere and unique approach to glassblowing, it’s a must-see destination for art enthusiasts in Jacksonville.

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