Miriam’s Well

Miriam’s Well: A Contemporary Art Gallery in Colorado Springs, CO

Miriam’s Well is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs, CO. The gallery features a variety of art mediums, including glass art, and showcases the work of both local and national artists.

The gallery was founded in 2016 by artist and curator, Bethany Hill. The gallery’s name is inspired by the biblical story of Miriam, who is said to have led the Israelites to a well of water in the desert.

Miriam’s Well features a diverse collection of glass art pieces, ranging from elegant blown glass vases to colorful glass wall art. The gallery’s glass artists use a variety of techniques to create their pieces, including traditional glass blowing methods and modern kiln-formed techniques.

In addition to glass art, Miriam’s Well showcases a variety of other contemporary art mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media. The gallery hosts regular exhibitions and events, featuring both emerging and established artists.

Miriam’s Well is also committed to community involvement and education. The gallery hosts workshops and classes for both adults and children, allowing individuals to learn about the creative process and develop their own artistic skills. The gallery has also partnered with local non-profit organizations to support arts education programs in the community.

Miriam’s Well has been featured in several publications, including the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Colorado Springs Independent. The gallery has also received numerous awards for its outstanding exhibitions and dedication to community involvement.

In conclusion, Miriam’s Well is a contemporary art gallery in Colorado Springs, CO that features a wide range of art mediums, including glass art. With its commitment to showcasing both local and national artists and promoting arts education in the community, Miriam’s Well is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in contemporary art.

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