5 Top Glass Companies in Columbus, OH

5 Must-Visit Glass Art Studios and Galleries in Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH is home to a thriving glass art scene, with several studios and galleries dedicated to showcasing the work of talented glass artists from around the country. Here are five must-visit glass art studios and galleries in Columbus:

  1. Glass Axis – Glass Axis is a non-profit glass art studio located in the Grandview Heights neighborhood of Columbus. The studio offers a variety of glassblowing classes for individuals of all skill levels, as well as studio space for established glass artists. Glass Axis also hosts regular exhibitions and events, featuring the work of both local and national glass artists.
  2. Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative – While primarily focused on printmaking, Phoenix Rising also offers a glass art studio for members to create their own glass works. The cooperative features a gallery space where members can showcase their work, and also holds regular exhibitions that include glass art.
  3. The Smithery – The Smithery is a gallery and workshop space in the Short North Arts District of Columbus. The gallery features a variety of artisan-made goods, including handcrafted glass art pieces. The Smithery also hosts workshops and classes, allowing individuals to learn about the creative process and develop their own artistic skills.
  4. Glass Rooster Cannery – Located in Sunbury, just outside of Columbus, Glass Rooster Cannery is a unique art studio that specializes in glass art and canning. The studio offers a variety of glass art classes and workshops, as well as a farm-to-table canning kitchen. Glass Rooster Cannery also hosts regular exhibitions and events, featuring the work of established and emerging glass artists.
  5. Sharon Weiss Gallery – While not exclusively a glass art gallery, Sharon Weiss Gallery features a diverse collection of art pieces, including glass art. The gallery showcases the work of both established and emerging artists from around the country, with a focus on contemporary art.

In conclusion, Columbus, OH is home to a vibrant glass art scene with several must-visit studios and galleries. Whether you’re interested in taking a glassblowing class, viewing a gallery exhibition, or purchasing a unique glass art piece, these five glass art studios and galleries have something to offer everyone.

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