5 Top Glass Companies in Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon is home to a vibrant glass art community, with a rich history of glass manufacturing and artistic expression. From custom installations to restoration work, there are many glass companies in Portland that provide a wide range of services. Here are five notable glass companies in Portland, OR:

  1. Bullseye Glass Co.: Founded in 1974, Bullseye Glass Co. is a leading manufacturer of colored glass for art and architecture. They offer a wide range of glass products, including sheet glass, rods, frit, and powder, as well as kilns and other glass tools. Bullseye Glass also offers classes and workshops for glass artists of all skill levels.
  2. Aquatic Glassel: Aquatic Glassel specializes in custom glass installations, including shower enclosures, railings, and mirrors. They also offer glass repair services and can create custom glass pieces for home or commercial use.
  3. Ed Hoy’s International: Ed Hoy’s International is a wholesale supplier of glass, tools, and equipment for the art glass industry. They offer a wide range of glass products, including sheet glass, frit, rods, and dichroic glass, as well as a variety of tools and equipment.
  4. Artistic Portland: Artistic Portland is a cooperative of local artists and artisans, including several glass artists. They offer a wide range of handcrafted glass products, including blown glass, fused glass, and stained glass.
  5. The Colored Glass Co.: The Colored Glass Co. specializes in stained glass and restoration work, and also offers custom glass installations. They have been serving the Portland area for over 35 years and have a reputation for high-quality work.

Whether you’re a glass artist looking for supplies or a homeowner in need of custom glass work, these five glass companies in Portland, OR offer a wide range of products and services to meet your needs.

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