Silver Street Studio

Discover Creativity and Community at Silver Street Studio in Houston

Silver Street Studio is a vibrant arts complex located in Houston, Texas. This 20,000 square foot space is home to a diverse community of artists, makers, and creatives, who come together to share their passion and collaborate on projects that inspire and engage.

Originally a warehouse, Silver Street Studio was converted into an arts complex in 2014, providing a unique and dynamic space for artists to work and exhibit their art. The studio features 70 private studios, shared workspaces, and a gallery that hosts exhibitions throughout the year.

One of the most notable features of Silver Street Studio is its diverse community of artists. The complex is home to artists working in a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, and more. This creates a dynamic and inspiring environment where artists can share ideas and techniques, and collaborate on projects that push the boundaries of their art.

In addition to its studio spaces, Silver Street Studio offers a variety of classes and workshops for artists of all levels. These classes cover a range of techniques and media, and are led by experienced instructors who provide individualized attention and guidance. The studio also hosts events and exhibitions throughout the year, providing opportunities for artists to showcase their work and engage with the local community.

Silver Street Studio is more than just a workspace for artists. It’s a vibrant community that fosters creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Through its programs and events, the studio provides a platform for artists to connect with each other and the wider community, and to showcase their work to a wider audience.

Whether you’re an artist looking for a studio space, a beginner looking to learn a new skill, or simply a lover of the arts looking for a place to explore and discover, Silver Street Studio is the perfect destination. With its vibrant community, diverse programming, and inspiring atmosphere, it’s an essential part of Houston’s thriving arts scene.

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