Toms Town Glassworks

Tom’s Town Glassworks is a glass studio located in Kansas City, Missouri. Founded in 2019, this studio is a subsidiary of the Tom’s Town Distilling Co., which produces premium craft spirits. Tom’s Town Glassworks is dedicated to producing high-quality glassware and art pieces, often featuring the company’s logo and branding.

The glassblowing team at Tom’s Town Glassworks is led by master glassblower Nick Morris, who has over 20 years of experience in the field. The studio offers a variety of products, including glasses, decanters, vases, and other decorative pieces. Each item is handcrafted by the skilled team of glassblowers, ensuring that each piece is unique.

In addition to producing glassware for the Tom’s Town Distilling Co., Tom’s Town Glassworks also creates custom pieces for individual clients and businesses. The studio offers a range of customization options, including adding logos, custom colors, and unique shapes.

Tom’s Town Glassworks is open to the public for tours and demonstrations. Visitors can watch the glassblowers in action and learn about the process of creating glass art. The studio also hosts glassblowing classes for those interested in learning the craft.

Overall, Tom’s Town Glassworks is a unique addition to the Kansas City art scene, offering both functional glassware and beautiful art pieces. With a commitment to quality and customization, this studio is worth checking out for anyone interested in glassblowing or looking for a unique gift or souvenir.

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